AI Shipping Helper

Introducing the best way to ship with Shopify! Do you have to lookup all of your labels manually? So you use variants? Can’t tell if something was actually sent out from your store and the carrier lost it?

We have the perfect solution, the LetsIdeate Shopify Shipping App! * Uses AI to scan and locate your order in seconds, no more searching! * Quickly confirm what you need to pack * Use the verify button to confirm you packed the order and sent it out

How It Works

This app was created after months of frustration having to search every single order to confirm what was supposed to ship or to have to create special labels and print and waste 100% more paper. Our belief is technology has to make our business easier every day and reduce waste in every way.

* Coming soon: daily summary of what needs to ship

* Coming soon: email picture confirmation of packaged order to the customer

* Coming soon: ability to refund from the label, no need to login to Shopify, search for the order, and then issue refund