For Matt Francis, his bike is his happy place.

The only downside was figuring out what to do with his phone. He knew he couldn’t be alone. As anyone would, he turned to preexisting solutions and tried many of them. Most of them were overpriced and none of them did the job right. In fact, some of them damaged his bike. Matt found himself in a classic situation: knowing what he wanted and not able to find it anywhere. So he rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

Almost 100 3-D prints and three different models later, the Phone Holder was created. Effortless to install and even easier to use, the Phone Holder is the perfect addition to your active lifestyle. It’s affordable, clever, and it looks slick. Best of all, it was created by someone who loves riding just as much as you do. Most importantly, CEO and founder of Phone Holder, Matt Francis, is always available to listen to your comments and answer any questions.

Make every ride the best one yet with the Phone Holder.