Phone Holder (V2) Install

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Accessory Installation the Way It Was Meant to Be

If you came to this page expecting a complex installation process, you’ll be surprised. Part of what makes the Phone Holder different from other products like it is the effortless nature of its installation. No hardware or tools are required — it simply snaps into place. It may have taken almost 100 iterations to get it right, but it’s truly a solution that’s second to none.

The first step to installing your Phone Holder is to clean the area where the tray will go. After that, simply slide the Phone Holder onto your bike and apply gentle pressure until it clicks into place. That’s it. You’re ready to ride. You’ll find that your Phone Holder is sturdy, level, and able to support devices of any size. It won’t get in the way of your hands and keep your device within easy reach.

Made by a fellow Peloton bike rider with a passion for perfection, the Phone Holder is the only product of its kind to achieve this level of quality and fine-tuning. Best of all, it’s affordable and long-lasting. Shop today, and experience the Phone Holder for yourself.